Expand your brand community whilst developing your company’s outreach to turn potential growth into outstanding achievements! 

With the ability to customize searches through campaigns, connect with a variety of influencers to help maximize your brand awareness and drive your successes through the roof! 


Use the support of brand campaigns that resonate with your goals to:
Generate creative content and develop your social media outreach. 
Exploit complete freedom with sponsor backing to plan and host your ideal event.
Strengthen your athletic profile whilst achieving your sporting goals and broaden your career ambition.

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About us

Our goal - Simple. We recognize the laterally motivated minds of influencers and the ability of their ideas and dreams to impact African culture. With the freedom of being backed by a brand, we envision boundless potential and believe this to be the secret in the support, growth and recognition of individual talent. 

Through influencer marketing, organizations now have the ability to tap into new markets that encompass their target audience ᠆᠆ a way of significantly increasing your brands’ customer reach and social awareness.

As the culture of influencer marketing grows within our business community, its inconvenience still dampens its effectiveness on both parties. SPONSIGN was created to radically reduce your time and money spent researching the field for your ideal sponsorship partner. 

At your own comfort, you can create, apply to and manage multiple influencer marketing campaigns simultaneously helping you achieve your marketing goals in no time!  Our aim is to create a platform suitable to benefit and encourage business growth as well as support influencers in truly grasping their potential. An online platform built to connect influencers and brands; a win-win partnership! 

Meet the team

SPONSIGN is an influencer marketing based platform founded by Yassin Gubara (CEO) and Karan Raikundalia (COO). At SPONSIGN, we truly believe that we can exploit our youthful energy into creating a revolutionary platform that helps reveal and develop the sometimes hidden talents of our communities. 

We understand the level of trust and dedication that derives a successful sponsorship deal and we are driven to assert our reliability and integrity as we help you pursue your goals. 

Our dream

We aspire to be the number one platform in Africa for influencer based marketing where influencers and brands from all over the continent can use the site as a hub to breakthrough to a larger audience and in turn cement their social footprint. 

Our vision for the region stems from our desire to nurture African potential, uniqueness and talent. To do so, we will strive to develop this platform to serve all categories of influencers and a widely diverse range of brands. Our dedication for customer betterment is honest and true, SPONSIGN is for the community.